Reflector hooks

The Reflector hooks are basically a half sphere with a twist. This might sound simple and so it is, but the overall collective experience of the reflector hooks are heavily influenced by this minor detail.

Since the polished surface is angled, all individual reflector racks are reflecting different parts of the room, creating an overall composition that is far more vivid than one isolated hook.

The collective hooks shimmers in the light and this way paints a picture on the wall. This picture is bathing the room in warm tones.

The Reflector rack consist of one material with two different surface treatments. The backside is sandblasted and the frontside is polished. Like all other products in Elements by Nordic Tales the Reflector hooks are a tale about materials and tactility.
Flip is composed of two parts, a top and a bottom. The top is produced in Walnut or Oak and the bottom in powdercoated metal. These materials creates a strong contrast and sends a beautiful grafical statement.

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