Elements Candleholder

Elements is a journey in materials, it is an ever expanding collection that reflects design periods in past, present and future. One could say that an Element product is a trend reference; one could say that it is a small trend memory container, which materializes a design period.

Elements is a trend tool that comes with a small paper on which period it reflects, a material, surface and production description.

The Elements collection consists of smaller items; candleholders, tea lights, racks etc., and comes in small jewellery boxes, which are intended for hostess presents.

The Elements candle holders are based on one material, treated in different ways to demonstrate how different one material can appear, and this way underline the importance of selecting the right material and correct surface is just as important as picking the right shape of an object.

This product is signed at Nordic-tales.com
How a surface is experienced is the sum of multiple sensory impressions. It is important to state that styling an object is more than picking the right colour. Many aspects are often neglected; important matters as surface tactility, temperature, reflective characteristics and much more that all plays and equally important role in the overall experience of an object. With our Elements collection we seek to create a tool for creators that will help them close the communication gap between them and their clients.